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Malted barley grains flours



Difal-Animalt’s team is commited to traditional animal nutrition and offers a range of products from malted barley. Our sprouted grain flours are characterized by a high starch content digestibility of which is improved by the germination process and high content in enzymes.



  • Flour is obtained by milling the sprouted barley grain, stripped of its envelope, its stalk and its rootlet.




  • Kraft bag lined with PE within 20 and 25 kg
  • Possibility stainless inbox


Barley flours are characterized by:

  • a high content of partly degraded starch,
  • a low content of fiber , including β -glucan compared to barley,
  • the presence of amylases, of ß-glucanases and of phytases allowing a better valuation of the ration and reduces polluting emissions
    beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, more probably due to a better digestion of starch,
  • the presence of antioxidants.

Therefore barley flour is particularly interesting in young weaning animals (shift from a milk-based diet to a diet containing starch sometimes in large quantities). In adults, the presence of β -glucanases and phytases is more particularly interesting for the monogastric animals, and recoverable in organic farms. Therefore, it is an excellent food to optimize performance and digestive health of the growing animals. It is particularly suitable for monogastric species (pigs, rabbits and poultry) but can also be used successfully in young ruminants, like calves and lambs fattening.