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Food for ruminants


An optimal food for the fattening of young ruminants and to maintain the energetic of females at the end of gestation, at the beginning of lactation.


The SYRUP OR POWDER MALT EXTRACT  is a very palatable food and naturally rich in fast energy and high bioavailability allowing to prevent or to fight against an energy deficit and a significant loss of weight at the end of gestation (toxemia of gestation in sheeps) or at the beginning of lactation (ketosis in dairy cows), and thus keeps the milk production of animals at a good level. It can be daily incorporated into the food of females in anticipation of parturition or distributed on demand. In all ruminants, it facilitates the weaning limiting the digestive and behavioral stress on young people during this period. For the veal calf or the lamb in the fattening:

  • At the beginning : it presents several advantages insuring optimal conditions:
    • fight against stress induced getting into fattening,
    • maintain the level of ingestion,
    • prevention the occuring of potentially pathogenic enterobacteria installation,
  • In growing and finishing : MALT FLOUR is an ideal complement to maintain the GMQ with the increase in the ration of starch content .
    Its high content of amylolytic enzymes facilitates the digestion of starch present in milk replacers and solid food compulsory for the veal calves since 01/01/1998 and facilitates a good digestive health.

Barley malt flour and malt extract Malt are produced and processed in factories whose equipments are made of stainless steel, which keeps the iron content at a very low level.