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Welcome to Difal-Animalt’s website, barley malt expert in animal nutrition.

Animalt has developed a range of natural feed for domestic animals, livestock but also sport and companion animals.

All our products are available from organic cereals.

The range offers liquid and powder form products to enhance animal performances and well-being. Our products allow a better digestive function mainly and , in particular increase of feed and gut health. Indeed malt products provide natural vegetal enzymes and rapidly assimilated energy. They have a beneficial effect on gut microbiota. They also contain great quantities of antioxidants fighting cell aging and cell damage induced by chronic diseases and protecting muscular cell during intensive work.

Our products are from french cereals mainly and fufill rigorously the european community standards. Our products are issued ​​from raw materials produced mainly in France and suitable for human consumption.

They do not contain GMOs.