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The malted barley


Difal-Animalt offers a new range of products for animal nutrition, with malted barley mainly.


This new range relies on the experience of the DIFAL group, expert in malt extract since 1972 and recognized in the European market for human food. Our team is commited to traditional animal nutrition based on natural raw materials, guarantee of high quality products and good health for the animals. We provide our expertise in nutrition through :

  • a range of products from malted barley grains,
  • the advice of an attentive and reactive partner.


What industrial processes will the barley grains undergo?

The 3 steps of process of transformation of the barley into malt extracts are :



What is the impact of the malting on the barley nutritional value ?

Beyond the fact that it contains rapidly assimilated energy (sugars, degraded starch), malted barley is also characterized by:

  • high content of natural enzymes : amylolytic activity , as well as the β -glucanase and phytase activities are very quickly highly increased by the germination,
  • high content of antioxidants (phenolic compounds) : the malting increases significantly the antioxidant activity of barley,
  • lower content of β -glucans compared to barley,
  • high palatability

The germinated barley therefore optimizes the function of the digestive system of pets to keep them healthy, improve their performance and make them more resistant to the environmental pressure and weather conditions.