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Food for horses


A concentrate of energy and a guarantee of digestive health of your horses


SYRUP OR POWDER MALT EXTRACT can be used for the food of horses with capricious appetite and chronic digestive disorders because it improves the digestibility of the ration, it promotes a good digestive health and it is an appetizing agent. For the same reasons it can be added to the feed of the foal to facilitate its weaning. In hard work horses, the presence of amylase promotes a better use of starch contained at high levels in the rations of racehorses and so reduces the risk of digestive disorders (colic) and metabolic (laminitis) induced by these rations. Malt extract has also a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, preventing its imbalances and promoting hard feces. It is specially designed to accompany the horses during racing season:

  • fast energy and high bioavailability for recharging the muscle in energy,
  • presence of antioxidants preventing the muscular damages generated by oxidative stress induced by the muscular effort, and thus promoting a better recovery after the effort.

In the race horse feed, malt extract limits the impact of stress induced by the transport and the race, and maintains the ingestion which promotes a faster recovery after the effort. It can be incorporated daily in horse feed to prevent these disorders or distributed after exercise.